Anatomy Scan Anxiety


I go for my anatomy scan (and first ultrasound) Thursday, I'll be 17+6!!! Im so freaking nervous. Ive never had to wait this long for an ultrasound (4th baby). Some of you may remember my rant at the beginning of my pregnancy and i had planned to switch doctors but my insurance wouldnt allow it after 90 days. Thankfully i really do like this lady and i also like the fact that she is my kids pediatrician as well. I was just unhappy with being high risk and not having an early ultrasound. Ive been feeling kicks daily so some of the nerves have went away but im still so anxious its hard to really focus on anything other than this appointment.

Side note, moms of both boys and girls. Did you feel like the gender wasnt really that important after getting both? I have 2 girls and 1 boy and this go around im like meh, whatever. I feel a little guilty that I'm not as excited as i was with my other 3.