Are you more emotional during your pregnancy?


I’m just curious because I see and hear so many stories about pregnant women being so emotional. Crying over things like their husband not bringing them back certain foods, something not going their way, or someone making a comment to them. So I figured that once I got pregnant, I would experience some of these extra emotions too.

But here I am at 25 wks, 5 days and I have not cried once this entire pregnancy. There hasn’t even been a hint of a tear. Now I do get super moody about certain things. But the thing is, I’ve ALWAYS been this way. I don’t feel like it’s extra just because I’m pregnant. And I definitely haven’t shed a tear over ANYTHING.

So I guess I’m really curious to see how many others are like me? That isn’t really emotional during their pregnancy...

Or maybe you get emotional when you hit a certain point in your pregnancy & I haven’t gotten there yet. Idk 🤷🏾‍♀️

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