Anyone else just need to cry?


Kind of venting: My town flooded today - like national news flooded. My husband and I, our pups, and our home are fine! His place of business is flooded at least 4 feet, and I work for a disaster relief company. So he got the day off and my day just got harder and harder. He kinda pissed me off because he showed up 10 minutes before we close with his buddy to see if he could help. Like??? I’ve been busting ass all day while you’ve been at home playing video games and you show up in the last ten minutes?? He didn’t even pick up the LITTLE there was to clean at the house.

And his friend is still here. Which is normally fine but I’m just so exhausted. It was kinda just a day from hell - not a bad day, just so crazy. And I’m wiped out and need to cry.

His buddy suggested they “go play another video game so I can rest for a little bit.”

Like thanks??? I just wanted to spend time with my husband but that’s cool.

Don’t get me wrong. I love my husband and his buddy is my friend too - but I’m calling him HIS buddy in the same way you call your kid your SO’s kid when they did something stupid 😂

I just kinda wanna punch them both in the face and watch the bachelorette.