Should I be worried? Please read

So today when I ate breakfast I felt pretty sick afterwards but didn’t throw up. Although I have been nauseous up to 29 weeks and I’m now 31 so maybe it’s just coming back. I also saw those things in the corner of my eyes that my doctor always warned me about, I only saw them once today when I got up. I then had a long day of walking around in the heat looking at car dealerships, at around 4 I had a horrible headache so I thought I’d take a nap, I wake up at 10:00pm and the headache is still here and pretty painful.

I know I was in the sun for a few hours which maybe caused the headache, plus the lack of sleep from the night before. But do any of you ladies think I should be worried?

I’m very hesitant to go to the doctors unless it’s an emergency (or my regular prenatal appointment) because my insurance was taken away without warning 2 weeks ago.