So excited *warning tearjerker post*

phylisha • 🤰#2 9/16/21 🌈👶1/10/20

In 24 days I get to marry the man of my dreams! It all feels so crazy and like a dream still! Im 13 weeks pregnant tomorrow so maybe its just the hormones lol but im just over the moon. He has stood by my side for way more than I could have ever asked. A little backstory to us when we met I was too immature to realize that who I truely wanted was him he was always there protecting me. He became my best friend. I was terrified of the feelings I had for him from the start so I dated other guys but he still stayed waiting for me. Not only that but he stayed with me for the hardest part of my life. On April 16th 2018 I had tonsil surgery it went fine (except I woke up screaming) so they sent me home. On the way home I started bleeding a bit so we called the doctor and it had stopped so they told me to go home. That night I woke up gushing blood I filled up a coffee can with blood in under 3 minutes. I texted him "Im bleeding going to ER" and that was the last he heard from me in almost 24 hours because withing 30 minutes I was legally dead but the doctor I had didnt give up and got me back. I woke up with a tracheotomy and to about 100 text from him worried when I texted him he responded instantly. I knew from that moment on I would marry him. The months that followed were horrible I couldn't eat because I couldn't swallow, health issues that were before dormant genes were activated by the massive blood transfusion and I was again fighting for my life 78lb in under 4 months lost and doctors not knowing what to do. One trip to the Mayo clinic in November, about 20 tests, 1 surgery, and a NJ feeding tube and they figured it out I have Gastroparesis and Celiac Disease. He stayed! Now we are about to be married and we have a baby on the way my health is still a struggle somedays but we have over come it! We can do anything! (You can see the scar on my throat from my breathing tube)