Age gap in teen relationship

I know how I feel about it, but I want to get the opinions of others.

Before anything else I’ll lay out the basic info.

Im going to be a freshman this upcoming school year, this guy I’ve known since last year is going to college soon. He went to a different school a state away but he came to my state often for family and school related things (that’s how we met). He’s young for his grade so he’s only 17 but going to be 18 on October 25. I turn 15 January 21st. This past year we’ve been super good friends and this summer we’ve gotten a lot closer since we can see each other more often. The topic of a relationship has come up a lot recently which makes me super happy to think about, but I’m unsure how others would react if they knew a 14 year old was dating a 17 year old.

(little side note: I’ve already brought up the situation to my mom before and she said that knowing how I’m way more mature than most girls my age and knowing his family/him well she trusts me on it. Felt like I should mention that)