Do I go back to him?? **read description first**


A lot has happened recently and I decided it was time to move out of my mom's house. All was going great until I got sick at my boyfriend's house. Slowly, I started to feel very uncomfortable with his family (parents and brothers) and wondered if I was ready for the big commitment before I finished packing everything and getting comfortable. I told him that it was hard but I decided to go back home with my mom because I wasn't quite ready yet and wanted us to have our own place instead of living with his parents. We agreed that was probably best and said we'd talk to his mom in the morning.

Fast forward to after we told her the news, she had told him: "how are you two going to be together when one of you doesn't like the other's lifestyle and how are you two going to make it work if she leaves then goes back you're just playing with each others emotions like that?"

What she told him got stuck in his head and we had talked for a bit. He told me he didn't want to be a problem for me and my mom because she hates him. So he thought about what his mom said and decided he wouldn't hurt me anymore and that we should break up.

When he told me this, I was begging him not to. With tears in my eyes, I was choking on my tears, coughing till I couldn't breathe, reading him a love note I had written a week prior, and sitting in front of him on my knees to stay because he still loved me. And he said he loved me.

After my mom picked me up in tears, he texted me saying he didn't know what overcame him and he wanted me back. After a lot of texts, I told him he should have thought it through. But inside my heart I still love him.

He's my best friend and I'm not ready to lose him forever. So should I take him back?

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