Yeah shouldn't count my chickens before they hatch


I thought we were sleeping through the night now, had a whole week of it and we're back to less than 2 hours he's up. If it was just me I'd let him cry but my SO needs sleep for work. Best believe when he goes for his out of town jobs starting next week and he's gone all week, we will not play this game. Tonight I haven't even slept , it's 3:30am I've gotten up at least once more like 7-10 times an hour to give him back his binky/ change/ feed him. This is also the first time in a week I have fed him in the night as an attempt to get him to go back to AND stay asleep , he was up half hour later.

Shoot me , it would be much kinder.

Now 5:25, baby has been in bed with me since 4 so that he could get some sleep since my sleeping tonight ship has sailed.

But that's about to be over for the baby too because he wakes up to my SOs alarm that's about to go off 6 times over the next half hour..