my moms advice vs mine??

hey everyone , so to quickly tell the story .. i dated a guy & eventually moved in w him , after about a year & some months i moved back w my mom because i got cheated on , i told my mom bc i was so mad & sad & ofcoarse , crying.. soon after i began talking to him again & decided we would give it another shot & if he messes up then that would be it but i havent been honest w my mom 100% , sometimes i tell her im going to hang out w him & she always tells me how she doesnt want me around him & ofcarse as any mom would , why i shouldnt but i want to be honest w her & tell her ive really been hanging w him more times than ive told her but i know my mom will not hear me out or give me an opportunity to explain my feelings... im tired of living what seems like a double life & i feel like it causes me so much stress .. i just want to be honest w my mom but i also want her to understand me even if she does not agree ... how can i go about this conversation with her?