Please help calm a FTM 🥺


My husband and I have family members who have a heart problem where there’s a small hole in their heart that they were born with. We told the nurse about that since they were asking for family history. Up until now everything has been going good and my baby boy is growing perfectly good and everything looks good. I was sent to the hospital where they check the baby’s heart to make sure he doesn’t have the same problem and lucky he doesn’t! So that’s a big relief. I was about 28 weeks when they told me the great news. But yesterday at my 32 week re check up the doctor said it looks like one of my baby’s blood vessel is a bit narrow. So that they’re going to send me to a specialist to make sure it’s just a mistake since my baby was moving around a lot and he wasn’t in the position the doctor would’ve liked for him to be so he can see better. He did tell me not to worry about it since he could be wrong, but how can I not be worried?? All I want is for my son to be okay and to not have to have surgery when he’s first born. I just hope the doctor was wrong and the specialist tells me everything looks good!

Has anyone gone through this? And turned out to be okay ?? Please help me calm my worries. 🥺