Repost..I guess I'm not attractive anymore

I posted this last night but only got one reply and and just needed more more advice.

I'm 35 weeks pregnant and my fiance just seems disgusted by me.

Before getting pregnant he was always saying that he loved my body. But that was before I had cellulite and stretch marks and big belly. I can't sleep with a bra or pants on so I go to bed with a tee and underwear on and almost every night he makes a comment about my "huge belly" and jiggly legs and when I reply with something like " yeah I know I'm a fat pig now" he acts like what he said shouldnt hurt my feelings.

The past 4 months we've probably had sex 4 times, if that. But I try! I'll try to go down on him and he rejects me. I try to initiate sex, and he rejects me. He says he "can't" get it up or just says he doesnt want to. And the last 2 months or so, even on the nights he tells me he just can't, I'll wake up to go pee and I see he's out of bed and I can hear him jacking off in our bathroom and sometimes he's even sitting on the side of the bed looking at his phone jerking it and finishing.

I literally just tried before making this post. I asked if he was up for it before I went to shower and he said no I'm just going to go to bed, and I got out of the shower and cut the bathroom fan off and I could hear him going at it so I hurried out and he pretended to be sleeping and then got up and went to the bathroom with his phone of course.

Idk if he's watching porn or what but we've had infidelity issues before when we first got together 7 years ago and it makes me think he's getting videos or pictures from women.

I cant help but cry. I already feel disgusting. But this is just the cherry on top.

I know men can go through some mental stuff during our pregnancy but we've always been very open about this stuff and he is just lying to my face and going behind my back..

I'm really struggling.

I'd like to add I woke up this morning and was doing it again this morning..its almost everyday he can't have sex with me or stand even the thought of it but he can play with himself for 45 minutes everyday in the bathroom