Almost a year TTC 2nd round clomid Endo


I’m so exhausted of the grief every month. I was diagnosed through lap with Endo 5 years ago at 25. I did Lupron and had a horrible experience with how my hormones reacted and gained a lot of weight. I’ve had two laps since. My husband and I are ttc for our first baby since we got married a year ago. He’s 41 and already has 3 beautiful kiddos from previous marriage. His counts are great after a successful vasectomy reversal in January of 2018. Because of both of our “high risks” we started with fertility drs after six months of ttc. That’s when I had my most recent lap and tubal flushing. No luck since then, so then we started clomid. I’m 2 days late, 16 dpo, on our second round and I’m having horrible Endo pain which I was hoping was a good sign since I haven’t started bleeding yet. But today another BFN. I’m just waiting for AF to show and I don’t have energy to get out of bed or stop the tears. My 3 very best friends are all due this fall and I’m just so heartbroken that I can’t be fully happy for them when I’m a mess.

How do you all keep going 😕