I’m a little mad

So yesterday was the first time I seen my ex-husband in over a year. He stopped by my ex sister-in-law’s house and told everyone his girlfriend is pregnant. I told him it wasn’t his LOL. Then he said it’s probably not because last week he found some other guys close in their house. I’m frustrated because we’re trying and we haven’t got pregnant. So he asked me when I was going to get pregnant. I told him we’re trying but hasn’t happened yet. He is like if you can, I said I don’t have to secretly take birth control with him and haven’t been on it in a couple of years. Why is it that I can’t!! So I am going to try extra hard this month, I’ve been tracking my cm. But what I don’t understand is glow said I O 2 days ago but flo says today. Today I had creamy cm with a little ewcm. Any advice?