Inbetween a Democrat & a Republican

so, I’m using Democrat / Republican - even though I live in Canada and we have “liberals and conservatives” so we’re all on the same page.

It’s funny, I’m in between a Republican and a Democrat and the reason I find myself always conflicted because I believe in the moral religious compass of the Republicans on certain issues but, I don’t agree with their immigration stance.

😂 I’m an immigrant and even though I’m not Christian - the Republicans still hold the religious morals that I possess too but, Republicans also hate people like me 🙊 because I’m not white and belong to a religious group that they hate the most - I’ll let you take a wild guess on that one.

So, even though I agree with Republicans on certain moral issues - I always vote Democrat because I know they’re pro-immigrants and they don’t hate me for my skin colour or religious beliefs. Also, I believe in government intervention on issues like gun control (not an issue in Canada , we don’t have guns lol) and legalization of marijuana.