Chemical pregnancy


So I'm 4 weeks plus 1 day. 2 days late. I've had pregnancy symptoms for 5 days and implantation spotting last saturday. Faint positive Monday, getting darker Wednesday and stronger today Friday. After the school run I went to the toilet and wiped and red blood. I've changed my pad twice. Brown and red/pink blood. Not like my period, absent cramps but dull back ache. I'm feeling all sorts of emotions. Still have the sore boobs which I've only had when pregnant. Never experienced a loss before but I'm expecting that's what is happening. First month of trying for our third child. It's taken 4 years to decide to try again after going through troubles with endometriosis and disordered endometrial proliferation. How long after the bleeding stops am I likely to get a negative test? These are today's tests. This is the strongest lines I have had which I know don't look super strong anyway.