ECV vs scheduled C-section


I went in for my appointment today at 36+5 and found out that baby is now breech. He had been head down throughout the entire pregnancy, but the last couple weeks I felt like something was different. Im a ftm so I just brushed it off and tried not to worry about it. Well, now I know why it felt like that lol. I have to go in for an ultrasound next week to confirm his position, and will then have to make a decision on how to proceed if he is still breech. I'm just wondering if anyone has any personal experience with this? I have read that the ECV can be very painful and I DO NOT handle pain well... but also know that the recovery from a c-section is not exactly fun either... This is not the news I was expecting to hear today. If you have any experience with the ECV, I want to know the good and the bad! Would you recommend it?