Not pregnant.


So my kids are constantly telling me they want a baby! One of them said today why is your tummy so big! (I do CrossFit and wear an xs. My tummy is not big. She was hinting I was pregnant.)

It’s month 7 and I’m 11 dpo and took a test.... negative. I really felt like this was my month. I really really felt it and our kids kept saying it over and over. I feel more disappointed this time than ever before 😭

I feel like I’m never going to have another baby and its making me really emotional. We don’t have a child together. I have one from a previous marriage and him also. It’s crazy how we both had these surprise babies with people before being married or even ready for children (very grateful for them now) but now that we are married to each other, have an amazing house, good jobs, and willing married because of love, we can’t get pregnant. 😭