Round ligament pains

LunaxMoona🌙 • Expecting in early Oct 17' 💙 Niko Roman Whittaker 💙

Extremely bad round ligament pains or contractions.

This is my second baby. First baby, when I went into labor I had mainly only back labor pains.

I’m only 23 weeks 1 day right now but I have been having extremely bad pains. I’ve been having them now for about 1 hour while I was at work and I asked to leave early because I can’t handle it. I’m normally really good with round ligament pains and even labor pains in general. With my first I could tolerate a lot of the pain. But right now it honestly feels like a 9 out of 10 with how much pain I am in. It feels like it’s coming and going. At times I feel like I can’t even talk or walk or even breathe. My heart is also beating a lot faster than normal. And I am having some pains in my back but that part isn’t horrible.

My plan is to just rest with a heating pad and see if the pain passes.

My question is: at what point would you go the the hospital?

And is there anything other than Tylenol, rest and a heating pad that have helped you through these pains.

Sorry this is all over the place I really am having a hard time even thinking lol.