Recently I’ve lost a lot of weight (which is good because I was kind of over weight) like 20lbs, and I’m exhausted ALL. THE. TIME. I know that sounds stupid Because it doesn’t sound like a big deal but it happened out of nowhere and you can’t just go to a doctor and be like “hey I’m tired and becoming a healthy weight for no reason is something wrong?” he’ll think I’m crazy 😂

Reason I’m concerned is that I’ve been gaining weight little by little for around 3 years since I started my BC which is understandable but it’s been steady for a while, not losing or gaining any noticeable amount. I haven’t had any lifestyle changes like changing what I eat or my exercise or anything else in my life that could account for a sudden weight loss, honestly I was wondering if any of you ladies had any insights or just had a similar experience where you were fine and these things happened for no reason that I should be worried about.

UPDATE: I have celiac disease and I didn't know so I was eating gluten and stuff and my body was rejecting it so I was losing weight 😂😂