My husband ...

So lately I have been on this app a lot and have noticed so many nice and sweet things all of these husbands(or wives) do for their significant other.. and I know not everyone is the same..

Me and my husband have bee together almost 5 years and I feel like he no longer is sweet or thoughtful as he was when we barely married or when we were just boyfriend girlfriend. He used to send me sweet messages, bring me little gifts like chocolate,flower or send me a song that made him think of me.. Now he barely even sends a message, never gets me a small surpirse or even compliments me. We now argue over stupid things, if I do something wrong he gets mad and says I am dumb or tells me how to do it but literally talks to me like I am a child. He never wants to go on a date night or even just to go out to each just me and him without our daughter.

Yes he works a lot and I get that he comes home super tired. We arent that stressed out in regards to bills or money in general. But like he just isnt like when he was at the beginning of our relationship. I am usually the one that sends him messages or tries to do thoughful things that show I love him. I have already told him how I feel about this but he thinks I am just exagerrating..

All I am asking from him is to give me a little more thought ornshow his love in any way! I am not asking for a vacation/expensive bag/ring etc! It is the little things that I feel show that you love someone... :( I do get a little jealous of some of the things others husbands' do on here.(in a good way though! Like I am glad y'alls husbands are so thoughtful..❤)

Anyways that is all, just wanted to write how I was feeling... :(


to answer some questions

-yes I have surprised him in many different ways like making his favorite meals,buying him something I know he will really like, sending sweet messages, etc

- yes I have communicated this with him but I am not gonna tell him all the time and remind him, you know? I am also not trying to complain to him lol I am not like that..

-I love him so much and I know he loves me too but its just how I feel at times, especially when some of yall post cute stuff of your husbands and all that ❤