How antisocial do you get? (Comments preferred!)


I get so antisocial, I even ignore guys I have a crush on.

I get to the point I don't want to text, don't want to talk on the phone, don't want to see anyone sometimes, just want to be totally by myself doin my thing. And I can happily be alone and not speak to anyone for quite a long time.

I almost never get lonely. If I do, I have my best friend.

I hate meeting new people and I can't keep up with more than a few people.

Especially when im sick or hormonal, sometimes all the strength to speak to people just drains out of me and I can't do it. I can't even respond to a text for the life of me sometimes.

If I make friends anywhere, I get the strong urge to leave. Like work, or a website. And I always do.

I dunno if I'm messed up, or of the world is too loud for me and has too many demands, I have ADD and focusing is hard.

What's your experience! Are you social? How do you handle all the social demands you have in your life? Do you get on social media? Do you like or hate texting or being on the phone? Do you make plans with people or does it stress you out to over-commit?

If you are antisocial and have kids HOW DO YOU DO ITTT???!!! Lol

My mom did it somehow!

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