Tmi ttc weird discharge

Hi I’m 36 and new to all this ttc I’m so worried I might of left it too late 😔 anyways I had been experiencing some odd discharge my cycle isn’t reliable enough to track but I have been checking my cm for sometime so I know what’s normal for me. When I was ovulating I had some really strange EWCM for 3 days once each day there was like old blood streaked through the clear jelly like discharge. I have never had that before and now roughly about a week since then I am getting this white/creamy colour discharge that is stretch and quite thick also never have had this before it doesn’t smell of anything and I have no burning or itching down below. I am really hoping that this could be an early sign that I am pregnant. I haven’t tested as my period is still 9 days away. Has anyone else experienced this and then found out they are in fact pregnant? I will attach a pic of the white/creamy discharge I have had a couple of times today tia for your advice