anyone else feel like their baby is easy?

Taylor Paige • 20 // mommy to a sweet baby boy 06.04.19 💙👶🏼 // engaged💍

i keep reading all these posts about being aggravated with their crying baby and i just cannot relate. my baby is 6 weeks old and barely ever cries except when hungry, sitting in a dirty diaper for a little too long or when i am changing him. yeah sometimes he cries and is inconsolable for 30 minutes but rarely. i wake up on the middle of the night with him bc i’m ebf of course i’m tired but i wouldn’t want it any other way! i’m so blessed to have a easy going baby so far and i wouldn’t trade any of this for the world. to all the mommas that sometimes feel like giving up, just keep remembering how it was a month or two ago when all you wanted was baby out and ready to meet them