Letting go

How long after your babies started "letting go" while standing up, did they attempt to take a step? Yea yea "every baby is different."

Baby girl has some sturdy legs and core, her balance is a wee bit off, she let go of things about 5 times within a few days. But sits down right away.

eta: I'm not comparing my child, I'm not concerned at all. Just looking for a generalized time frame on when they let go to stand unassisted, to actually taking a step. Like within a few weeks, a month or two.. I'm not rushing anything, that's physically impossible. Isk why people bother posting questions like I do. Its curiosity. It's looking for some kind of answer so we aren't left hanging. Its natural human questioning. Like developmentally wise. Once your baby started letting to to stand unassisted, did it last a week or two and then they braved a few steps . Did they let go for a few weeks or days? Did they just get stand up and take a few steps?