I finally snapped

So we have 2 kids one is on summer break and a newborn and my husband works early shifts so by the time he gets home he'll relax with the kids for a few and usually eats showers and sleeps, Me on the other hand doesn't get that option and i don't complain about it my relax time doesn't happen till everyone is in bed asleep. Well the other day my husband was complaining about his boxers because the ones put away make him sweat, i told him i just washed the other day and he went on about how i get to sleep all day and at the time the baby was being fussy because the formula we were giving him made him gassy (but we switch and hes now a happy little man) and went on to say he wouldn't be upset if you would've kept breastfeeding and thats were i lost my shit, im usually calm and ignore his rants but not today sis.

So i lost my shit, i said So you assume i get to sleep all day really? Sorry if waking up every 3 hrs and when you get up at 5 am for work you catch me falling back asleep after you've had a wonderful beauty sleep because i don't bother you oh and you want to complain about me not doing "laundry" every time your balls sweat then here wash your own shit for now on also you want to put the blame on me after you've seen me put alarms on to pump literally my whole soul dry and was lucky enough to just reach under 3oz? I walked out gave him the laundry basket handed him the babies bottle and ordered myself a pizza poured a glass of wine and 30 minutes later here comes the cry baby trying to say sorry asking for a slice and asking for help, i told him i never agreed to marrying a man child and thats that lol