❤TTC #1🤰🏽❤

Sooooo.... I've had 5 mc with the first being in 2013 and most recent Jan 2019. My OB then referred me to a fertility specialist to find out why my body will not sustain a pregnancy. Hubby & I went to the appt in March 2019 and discussed our concerns and asked lots of questions. We then went for chromosomal lab work, which came back normal and the dr. stated she doesn't see anything that would increase another mc in the future... She offered to do early pregnancy monitoring when we fall pregnant to ensure the baby is growing properly. FF>> I sent my OB a message asking for a refill for clomid which I've used for 2/5 pregnancies and I got pregnant both times!!! So anyway, I have clomid I'll start on CD 3-7 if AF shows up. Right now I'm just waiting for a positive opk.... Either way Im claiming I'll be pregnant in August/ September❤❤❤ 👶🏽🤰🏾 Prayers for a sticky bean😇

***Edit- My uterus is normal and I do have Pcos. My cycles became regular(32-35) in April 2018 with the help of Metformin ER 500mg. Due to weight gain my CDs are anywhere from 45-50ish. I'm no longer taking metformin as of last year...