Wouldn't it be nice?

My SO and I have been in a rough patch lately and i really wish he would do something romantic to try and make things better without being asked. I wish he would think on his own to have a candle lit dinner at home or make love instead of having rough sex. Is it really that hard to know that flower petals in the bedroom and on the floor with candles would help set the mood? I mean sure being choked is fun but where is the love? Can't we be passionate?

***Just saying, its kind of awful how y'all are jumping on what I am doing wrong. We have been together for 6.5 years and I have tried everything under the sun and told him my needs repeatedly over the years. Im not saying hes a bad SO, im just saying he is awful at doing things on his own and constantly has to be asked. Wether it be for our relationship or taking the trash out, he has to be asked. After this long he should know what to do. Stop being so quick to assume that I dont do anything for my man.