13 weeks preg after a 15 week loss


We lost our son last sept I was rushed into the hospital with stomach cramps and vomiting which turned into my organs failing and sepsis.

They got me under control only for my body to have a 'spontaneous miscarriage' in the night.

We are now 13 weeks and I feel like the days are dragging and each one I'm becoming more and more anxious.

They found no reason for why I was so poorly just an 'infection' that my body couldn't handle but they couldn't pinpoint it.

They can't say it'll happen again, but can't say it won't either.

I'm scared to move for fear of my waters just breaking like they did (I struggle sleeping because I think it'll bring it on like it did last time)

I'm exhausted which is making the anxiety even worse but cant sleep its just a vicious cycle.

Any sort of coping techniques would be greatly appreciated! 💕