give me advice please

so hear me out... my family travels a good bit, even if it’s just to a nearby beach or lake. my boyfriend and i have been dating for about a year and a half now, and since we started dating, i invite him to every vacation or fun outting we may have, because i love him and always want to spend time with him. his family vacations fairly less, but they do. the first was to florida last year where i wasn’t invited, and i was okay with that because we had recently started dating, but we took a trip to colombia last month, and stayed in an apartment my family has down there, his parents gave him $80. for the whole trip. so as a result, i ended up paying for mostly everything, including all the gifts he brought back like wallets and belts and jewelry. while we were there they planned a trip to florida again, when i heard about it i assumed i may be invited given that i invite him everywhere... well i wasnt. apparently if i went his sister was going to want to take her boyfriend. i was upset but understood because oh well if there’s not enough space it’s whatever. the day that they left on the vacation i see that his sister posted on snapchat of all of them in the car, and not only did her boyfriend go, but his other sisters boyfriend went too... so i felt really sad and like damn he just didn’t want me to go. i feel like my relationship is really one sided when it comes to this and i don’t know what to do. i really want to end things because in general things haven’t been the same and i don’t feel the same as i did when we started dating, but it hurts me so much and i don’t even know how to leave. any advice?