Immigration Has My Husband..

A little back story...

My husband got arrested for family assault 4 days after our daughter was born since March 30th (she was born March 26)he’s been in the county jail. The past two days we been in court trying to fight the case and the jury decided his fate and he was found guilty. Then last night around midnight Immigration came and got him from county and now he is currently in the detention Center. I’m allowed to go see him but I have to wait till tomorrow or Monday. Right now I do not know how to feel I’m sad, hurt, I’m sad for my daughter because she won’t see her dad and if he does get deported to Mexico we will be moving to Mexico to be with him. The past 3 1/2 months have been hell and the best moments of my life. I’m a big believer in the man upstairs and I know he’s going to come through and bring my family back together. I just need to have patience and faith in him.

My munchkin 😍❤️🥰