Early/Reassurance scan @ 8weeks 4days


Hi guys. I'm apparently 8weeks 4days according to my last menstrual period but after suffering with all day nausea, tiredness and generally feeling crappy for weeks. All symptoms suddenly stopped the other day, I panicked so me and my fiance have been for an early scan today to make sure there is actually something there and thankfully there is. Strong heartbeat of 175bpm. Such a huge relief. We've tried for 4 years for this baby and I really set myself up for the worst today. Apparently we're measuring 5 days ahead so will see what midwife says next time.

..... Anyway, if you're thinking "I don't feel pregnant anymore" "my symptoms have stopped" then all is probably still absolutely fine and it can happen lol. It's so hard not to worry though. As far as my symptoms go now I have sore boobs which is on and off. More so in the morning. That is all.

Here is my one inch little bean 😍