LH peak so close to period?

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Little backstory - I had my daughter in Oct 2018 & got my period back in December. I started birth control a few weeks after getting my period back but then stopped it in March because I was having bad symptoms and spotting like every other day but not actually having a period. I have yet to get a period since stopping the birth control in March.

We decided we wanted to start trying for #2 the beginning of July so I bought some OPK’s to try to see if & when I was ovulating (along with charting BBT) since my period went MIA after stopping BC.

July 12th I got my peak. According to the Premom app ovulation day was the 13th. We baby danced a few times & then on the 17th (4 dpo) I started my period again after 7 months?!

Question is, why did I get my peak so close to my period? Just confused.