Missed Miscarriage


Please Read

Hello every one , I’m looking for anyone that can help me with some of my questions .

I’m hoping all these dates doesn’t confuse you ... sorry this will be TMI

Right I went for a scan on the 19.6.19

And discovered our little baby had no heartbeat at 9 weeks ! ( i wasn’t bleeding at this time )

I then started spotting on 21.6.19

I then started heavily bleeding on

24.6.19 then bad clotting on 28/29.6.17 then i passed the baby on the 30.6.19 so it has been exactly 20 days and will be the 3 week mark tomorrow !

We are hoping to start ttc’ing as soon as we can as this is what we have decided to do as a couple and medical advice said theres no problem for us not to try !

I am still spotting ... It’s only when i wipe though ! Does someone who’s been through this know roughly when will i ovulate ( i obviously know everyones different ) but what usually happens after .... do you count the first day of bleeding so that 21.6.19 your first day of your period ? Do you not count it as a period ? Do you wait until you stop completely bleeding and then a period will come ? Ive started to take my opk’s again and their obviously negative , I’ve read online that you can get pregnant straight after but i don’t understand that because most women bleed up to 4 weeks after ? You don’t ovulate when you’re bleeding do you ?

Has anyone on here got pregnant a few weeks later ?

Sorry for all the questions !