Please help. Need advice!

Krystin • Living my best life. ❤️

Okay so idk if any of you seen my last post about my husband Leaving me. He wanted to separate but still live with me and have sex. Well 2.5 weeks Ago he finally moved out, and I’m doing great and we are for sure separating. I met a guy online, he’s really sweet, has a 9 year old son, I have a 6 year old, and he hasn’t asked for provocative pics yet or talked about sex. Which is what I’ve been getting from talking to guys online. He seems great. Only downside is his look remind my of my husband 🤦🏻‍♀️ facial features, beard ect. Do I end it bc of that, bc it’s too soon, or just go with it and see what happens. Help!