Finally taking that step

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I’ve been wanting to start this diet for months and I’ve been procrastinating and/or starting then stopping before I can even get results. And it’s soo many reasons I want to lose this weight.. I want to have more confidence & feel better about how I look, I want to breathe better, have better skin, have more energy, I just want to overall feel better & drop at least 60 pounds. So I did a lot of Pinterest research for meal prep ideas & jotted down what I’d like. I got some containers early this morning as well as a few other food supplies and I spent most of the day meal prepping. I felt so accomplished once I was done, even broke a sweat 😌😂. Now I can’t wait to get through this first week (I’m starting Monday). Oh & I still used my regular seasons though, I just used wayyy less. I’m doing baby steps but at least I started, and that’s better than nothing. Eventually, I’ll be able to eat my food without any salt at all. I also made a home workout plan for the weeks as well. And I’m looking into affordable gyms in my area that I can join. But I’ll workout at home until I find the perfect one. Hopefully I follow through with it all this time & see weight loss fast! But with prayers, intermittent fasting & a little distraction (workouts when I’m not at work), I should be able to keep it up this time around!

UPDATE: I weighed in this morning after a full week of starting my meal preps & healthy journey, and I’ve lost 6 pounds so far! That motivated me to keep going. Yes, I did cheat every now & then.. had a soda or 2 throughout the week & a cheat day 😬 Also, I wasn’t able to workout this week because I was so busy with work and everything but I did keep up with my keto meals, water intake & I’ve been using a colon cleanse by Hyleys & boy does it do its job 🥴 Going to meal prep again tomorrow & start the process all over. This time, with workout included to see if I’ll get better results.