I’m scared!!/sad

My baby was born July 16 @ 9am he was 7lbs 11oz, my husband has been home helping me, I’m scared because he will go to work on Monday 😕 he works from 5am to 7pm, we have 3 daughters 8/6/2 and our newborn, I’m scared I’m going to go crazy with my 2yo she will cry for everything 😩 I’m getting sick my head hurts and throat which is worse when she cry’s 😓 I feel sad/ and want to cry 😢 I get like head chills idk how to explain it 😪 I think I’m getting panic attacks because I’m thinking to much 😢🥺 I have no one here only my sister she is on vacation and will be here in 1 month 😨 I wish I had some one to help me out, another thing Is that I just think the worse is going to happen to me, like I’m going to die because my head hurts and I never get headache, also my baby has to get his little heel poke because he was yellow they poked him 3 times already they called me today that I have to take Him again on Monday 😭😭 I’m tired/sick/worried/sad/ annoyed 🤢🤕🤒