He’s here!!


So I went into my 40 week appointment on Wednesday, they did the sweep and they said they would call the hospital to set up my induction. On the way home we stop by Walmart I’m in a lot of pain and cramping! They say the hospital could start things going that night or schedule it for the following week however my husbands boss keeps scheduling his out of town so we really wanted to get things moving so we agreed to go in and start the process. So they put a cervical ripening balloon in to sit overnight. Started pitocin at 6am on Thursday morning, broke my water at 9am which I’m at 4cm and 50% effaced. I got an epidural around 11 cuz things were progressing and everyone was saying don’t wait to long. I had to get two separate epidurals that stopped working! I also got several boosters to the epidural and it still didn’t work. We then had to decided what to do and the contractions were unreal! So the on call doc said it’s been 24hrs we need to get him out and by this point I had tried everything to get him into the canal and failed! So c-section it is! I then had to get a spinal tap for the emergency c-section. Our son was born at 1:42am, 9lbs 6oz and 19-1/2” long so I guess I didn’t quite spread enough for an almost 10lb baby to come out!! I’m thankful that he is here! In a lot of pain but trying to manage. Might get to go home tomorrow!!