Depressed šŸ˜©

When am i going to get pregnant! Me and my husband have been trying to have a baby for a while. I have no infertility problems i have been using vitex and i started using phentermine to loose the extra weight. I get soo depressed when i end up getting my period that i lay in bed and cry. Theres been 2 times were i actually thought i was prego i really felt it! I was nauseated and my boobs really hurt. Then my period came. To be real, i feel like less of a woman. My husband really wants a baby and i feel like i cant give him one. No matter what he does to comfort me i still feel so depressed. What can i do? They have done x rays on my ovaries and uterus and everything is normal. Ive had brain scans and they are normal. Please help. Sorry for beign a crybaby but i am pms-ing