Should I be worried?

My periods have been irregular for 3 years once I stopped birth control and have hypothyroid. I do bleed for couple of days then it stops then it might be heavier, etc. 2 years ago I saw an obgyn and it showed I had 10 things on my uterus but hormone levels have been normal, just thyroid off.

So today I get up and couple hours pass I’m sitting on my bed and I notice I have bled a bit onto my bed. So I get up and start moving around and literally feels like something is running down my leg, almost like pee but it isn’t. I go into the bathroom and I have some blood on my thighs and clean myself up and use toilet paper as a pad. Go to the bathroom again 30 mins later and there’s a clot on the bottom bigger than quarter size it looks and water is red. Used tampon and barely anything. Should I be worried or is that somewhat normal? I’ve had my period on and off this past week. And no I’m not sexually active and I don’t have an obgyn anymore

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