Please lmk what I should do


So my bf and I had sex before I went on a trip and I had just gotten off my period the week before. And we didn’t use a condom cause it was in the moment kinda thing with sounds dumb but he always pulls out way before he’s about to O even when he does wear a condom. But I’m 1-2 days late on my period but I don’t know if it’s stress or somethin else. The whole thing was like 4 weeks ago but sometimes my periods come late cause I get stressed. Like one time it didn’t come till a week later but it was bad cause I was very stressed out. My parents are very religious so I can’t just go ask them for a pregnancy test or let them know anything. But I’ve been having cramps kinda and wet burps but idk if that’s like acid reflux or something. Sorry about all of that I’m just stressing. But please send some advice