Gestational diabetes?


Hi everyone! I’ve just been diagnosed with gestational diabetes which I am gutted about because i wanted to have a home birth and it may mean that I can’t, plus there are lots of higher risks to worry about. I literally only just failed the test by the smallest amount possible, so I am trying to work out if my blood sugar is really that high or if I was just unlucky on that day. I’ve been finding it pretty easy to keep below the target (5.5 before meals and 7.5 2 hours after) when measuring my bloods just with my usual diet, only a couple of evening meals have thrown it off where I’ve over indulged/ chosen a bad option. The worst one I’ve had so far is 8.9mmol which was 2 hours after eating a mushroom pie with lots of veg and sweet potato for dinner. But last night after a healthier dinner my reading was only 5.9. I was just wondering how this compared to other people’s readings who have gestational diabetes?

If you’ve been diagnosed with gestational diabetes it would be great to hear what your experience so far has been.