Stepkids and cleaning

My husband gets three of his kids every other weekend they’re 12 and twin 9yr olds. This last time they’ve stayed for a week also my husband’s vacay week. They don’t have chores at home or even clean so it takes them hours complete easy tasks. All we ask is that they clean their room which is shared and that’s making the bed, getting their laundry together in the washer, hanging up clothes, and putting away whatever they’ve messed up. They threw everything on the closet floor shut it and said they cleaned so I pulled everything out and told them put it where it goes. They are to clean their bathroom and vacuum living room throw away the trash. When they were returned after a week of being here they supposedly tell their mom I treat them like maids while I watch tv. Did I also say they lie about close to everything? Lol My husband knows it’s a lie because I don’t even watch tv when he’s here. To even validate the lie they told their mom that his other daughter whose 15 “can’t believe dad’s wife treats y’all so bad she’s so mean”. That’s what absolutely validated it being a lie because he knows that’s not how she feels about me. These three are they type to yell at adults and slam doors to get their way. I told my husband I will not be disrespected in my own home so if they have such a big issue about cleaning what they’ve messed up then don’t come. The 12yr old is the big part of the issue at one point she wasn’t coming because she didn’t want to listen and she’d lie about everything that went on. We know that telling anything bad that went on makes her feel closer to her mom (misery loves company) I’m just trying to see what’s the best way to handle this and get an outsiders perspective of what could be done. I know saying don’t come is drastic but I’m fed up with their behavior. We have our own daughter and I don’t want her growing up to do the same behavior that’s not ok.