Iui #1 failed. Feeling down.


I wouldn’t wish fertility problems on anyone wanting children. This is the most heart breaking situation.

AF marked the failure of my first <a href="https://glowing.com/glow-fertility-program">Iui</a> yesterday when she came like clock work on her scheduled day. This has been such a long road for us!

Today is not a good day .. my husband is away for the weekend, coming back tonight.

I feel if I would just give up on this. If I could turn this switch off. I was thinking of getting rid of my almost mommy car (SUV) getting a 2 door car, quitting my stuffy job and dying my hair pink. I want to be free from this desire that has been torturing me for so long!

But than, I have a dream holding my baby... I can see the face... I can feel the love and happiness!

Yesterday, marked our 8 year anniversary. It was also the day af was not going to arrive!