12 days late 5 faint positive lines


I’m 12 days today my last period was June 11th this past Friday was the first day I got my first faint line I went to get a pregnancy test at my doctors and the nurse told me it was negative and I said well at home it was faint positive and she said let me extra check and she said oh yeah there is a line there but very faint she still entered it as negative. I got a blood test that same day hopefully I get my results tomorrow. I was sad and as soon as I got home I did another pregnancy test to and was faint positive. In the picture the pregnancy test go in order the pink one is Friday morning the second one is right after seen the doctor and the 3 one is yesterday and the second picture it’s this morning pregnancy test. I have been so overwhelmed everything makes me cry 😭 my first pregnancy was a chemical one 😭 and I just can’t calm down thinking that there might be something wrong