Play yard / travel crib


We live in an apartment in a city and will be getting a regular crib for the baby. However, we also have a house in PA where we go up every weekend.

Since the baby is due 11/3, we probably won't be going to PA until March when it starts getting warmer so the baby will be around 5 months and I am looking for a travel crib // play yard so that I could take it outside and have the baby in it in the backyard.

My only worry is that the travel cribs that come with bassinets, the bassinet only allows babies up to 15 lbs, and then the baby has to sleep on the bottom part of the play yard.

The weight of the play yard doesn't really matter since it'll be mostly stationary, with the occasional moving it.

Those of you who have had experience with play yards how comfortable is it having to bend so low to place a sleeping baby in? Is it really that low or is it not that bad?

Which play yard/ travel crib is best?

Thank you!