Help Meee 😩

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Okay girls I know y’all are probably tired of me . Hell , I’m tired of me . But I wanted to know if anyone else’s period comes late when they have sex ? Like every time I have sex , my next period is late . Now it’s supposed to come today but I’ve had no pms symptoms or anything . I’m almost 100% certain that it’s not coming today . Which makes me worry and it did this last month when my period came at the end/start of the month , I got it at the end/start of the next month . Anyone have these problems when you hit your twenties ? Like your period just reregulating itself ? I had sex seven days ago today . We used a condom & then the pull out method . He pulled out right before he came on the sheets (I saw it with my own eyes) So I don’t think I’m pregnant . Plus I checked down there after sex and it looked just like it did before with no traces of cum. I’m just gonna stop having sex if this is gonna happen.