Sleepwalking in adulthood


Omg I dont know if I can handle it much more. My S/O has been sleepwalking like no other the last year since I found out I was pregnant with our daughter who is 8months old. So this is going on almost two years really. Hes peed in drawers on walls in our laundry room almost peed on me when I was 8 months pregnant. Last night he scared the crap out of me. He had spent literally all day helping his dad move furniture, replace the bathroom floor, and lay flooring in his bedroom and bathroom. I know he was exhausted he didn't get home till 9pm when he left before 8am. His buddy came by to play pool nothing out of the ordinary for a Saturday night at our house. He had a few beers on top of being exhausted. He came inside around 1am and passed out on the couch with me. I wake up maybe 2-3hrs later and hes gone. I though maybe he just went and got in bed. Go in the kitchen to get a drink... theres a wet spot in the floor.. that's when I decided to go see if he got in bed.. he wasnt there! Thats when I'm like thinking the worst he done slept walked out of the house in his boxers like I got to find this mfer. I go out side to see if he wondered out to the grauge my brother is still out there.. no Jonny. We finally find him my sons bed.. so I ask my mom this morning if peyton (my 8yr old) went and got in bed with her befor or after dads episode... she then tells me my s/o was in the kitchen opening and closing cabinets and the oven and she was afraid to say anything to him cause he looked really mad. So today we had to have a little talk and now hes decided he wont be drinking at all for awhile. He dont get drunk he may have 1-3 beers a during the week. And have a few on the weekends. I'm hoping it improves between our 8month old daughter who dont sleep good and his sleepwalking antics I never get a good night sleep. It's crazy in the five years we've been together hes never done this!! Anyone else have someone in there life that does this ridicules stuff? Please tell me I am not alone!