Pushed past my anxiety!

I'll start from the beginning. When I was a kid I had a doctor cross a line with me. He touched me inappropriately. So from this moment on I had severe anxiety about any doctor having to do a pap smear or a mammogram. So I some how managed to avoid it all together. I am now 26 years old and had my first pap smear. I figured it was time I had to deal with this anxiety and fear head on. Well I got to the gynos office and I was in a panic. My hands were out of control while trying to fill out paperwork. I talked to the nurse and explain how anxious I was. When I went into the room and was told to get into the gown my panic increased majorly. I was holding back tears, I felt nauseous and I thought of ways I could leave. I got into my gown and sat down waiting for the doctor. She came in the room an was super nice. I explained the whole situation and a full blown anxiety attack ensued. I cried so hard. She talked me through everything and let me tell you something... It wasn't that bad. I'm proud of myself. I know everyone else has probably already gone through their first time but I just did it. I faced it head on.