I have depression, and my parents don’t understand


I’m at home for summer break right now, and my depression got a lot worse. So I moved my flight to go back to school a few weeks earlier so I can see my therapist soon. However, my parents are mad at me for doing that, and they’re mad because I’m “acting like I have a mental disorder and was emotionally abused”. I haven’t told them about my depression, but they keep telling me that I’m borrowing problems from people (they know that my boyfriend has a few mental disorders). If I told them about my depression, they’d think it’s because of my boyfriend, because when I was younger I didn’t have it, even though my depression started before I even met my boyfriend. Even if I told them that I feel suicidal most days, they’d probably just prevent me from going to school, and say that I can’t handle living like an adult.

I really don’t know what to do because I’m struggling a lot and I don’t have anyone to support me at home. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how or if I should talk to my parents about it?