Baby bump gone



I ended up having a miscarriage 😭 my heart is so broken πŸ’” The cramping just kept progressing today and by 6pm I was in EXCRUCIATING pain. Contraction like cramps every 10-15 mins, and there was strong cramping in between as well. I could barely walk to the hospital which is down the road and across the street. I was in soooo much pain in my stomach. I could barely walk. It was horrible. They gave me 2 shots. 1 gravol & 1 morphine. That helped sooooo much. My dr then did an exam and seen that I was having the miscarriage right then. He pulled out a few blood clots and then, the baby 😭 he showed me it and explained some stuff. He then continued to pull out big blood clots. It was probably one of the saddest moments of my life. They then did blood work, gave me a RhoGAM shot and hooked me up to an IV for an hour.

I wish I had looked up more stuff about miscarriages, cuz I WAS NOT prepared for this 😒

It was sooo painful and scary. I’m going to be so stressed out and worried next time I’m blessed with a baby ❀️

Anyone else have a little baby bump at 8 weeks and then it went away all of a sudden?

I started spotting and cramping lastnight and now my little baby bump is gone. This is baby #2 so I started showing early. I’m so worried. Is this normal?